A Proud Sam Girl

Yes. I am proud to say that I am a Sam Winchester girl.


All my friends, well they’re Dean girls. And I get it, I do. But seriously. My Sam needs some love.


The Moose just deserves some credit and attention and he deserves some dedicated, head-over-heals in love fangirls (personality too, not just his banging looks).

So here is my fangirl Sam Winchester post: Ten Reasons to Love Sam (Though There Are More)

Reason to love Sam #1: He’s basically a giant teddy bear.

Reason to love Sam #2: …a teddy bear that will beat the crap out of anything that tries to hurt you.


Reason to love Sam #3: He isn’t afraid of his emotions.

Reason to love Sam #4: He’s sassy!


Reason to love Sam #5: He’s an adorable puppy.

Reason to love Sam #6: But also a bitch-faced moose.


Reason to love Sam #7: He seems to be a really good kisser…


Reason to love Sam #8: He genuinely cares (except when he was soulless, but that was just a phase).

Reason to Love Sam #9: Hair. Porn. 

Reason to Love Sam #10: He tries. Always. He always always always tries.


Long live Sam Winchester (please, like I mean this. No more getting stabbed, or possessed, or trapped in hell-cages, OKAY?!) and myself (and all other Sam girls out there) will always believe in you! ♥

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